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Children's Day 2023

Each year in January our company celebrates Thailand's Children's Day on the second Saturday of January. The day is dedicated to promoting the well-being, happiness, and rights of children. It is a special occasion for children to have fun and enjoy various activities.

On Children's Day in Thailand, schools and various organizations often organize events and activities for children. These may include performances, games, exhibitions, and special shows. Many places, such as amusement parks and museums, may offer discounted or free admission for children on this day.

Government offices and military bases also open their doors to children on Children's Day, allowing them to explore and learn about different professions. Moreover, various agencies and private companies often organize events with entertainment, giveaways, and activities designed to engage and entertain children.

It's a day when families often spend quality time together, and parents may take their children to parks, zoos, or other recreational areas. Additionally, television and radio stations may feature special programs and cartoons for children.

At Loytee each year we have a tradition to invite the local neighborhood children and their families to our company grounds. We host various giveaways and raffle prizes of items from books, toys, and bicycles. This year we raffled over 30 bicycles for children of all ages. Celebrating Children's Day is an example of how our company can give back and provide for our community and neighbors.


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