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Loytee Wellness Retreat 2023

Loytee Wellness Retreat

Each year at Loytee our workers attend retreats for some well deserved rest, relaxation, and team building. In recent years, the retreats have become an opportunity to focus on the overall health and wellness of our employees. Many of our employees have been in our organization for 10, 20, and some 30+ years.

As an organization that works in the handmade process of manufacturing high-quality goods, our workers and their overall health are an integral part of our company success. The retreat took place in Khao Yai, Thailand--a two and a half hour drive north of Bangkok near one of Thailand's largest national parks. The focus on the retreat was learning about traditional Thai wellness which teaches a holistic approach to health including: yoga, massage, diet, and meditation.

Pictured above: Loytee team gathered together for an early morning yoga session.

Loytee Wellness Retreat 2023 Class

Pictured above: Loytee team learning about herbs and what benefits they have for overall health and ways to include them in their daily diet.

Pictured above: Loytee team taking a class on meditation and breathing.

Pictured above: Loytee team visiting the organic garden.

Pictured above: Loytee team having a traditional Thai massage.

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