What's a Normal Jewelry MOQ?

The normal minimum order quantity (MOQ) for manufacturing jewelry can vary significantly depending on the type of jewelry, the manufacturing process, and the specific manufacturer or supplier. MOQs are typically determined by the production capabilities and cost considerations of the manufacturer.

In the jewelry industry, MOQs can range from as low as 10 to 50 units for simpler and less expensive items like basic earrings or simple necklaces. However, for more complex and costly items, such as custom-designed pieces or jewelry with precious gemstones, the MOQ might be higher, ranging from 100 to 500 units or more.

When working with a manufacturing partner, it's important to have a conversation about MOQs that works for both you and the manufacturer. Some manufacturers may be willing to adjust the quantity based on your specific needs and business relationship. Smaller boutique or artisanal jewelry manufacturers might be more flexible with lower MOQs, while larger factories with mass production capabilities may have higher MOQ requirements. An important factory to keep in mind is that with having low MOQs may also impact pricing, as higher quantities can often lead to reduced per-unit costs.

If you are just starting your business and require low MOQs, ask your jewelry partner straight away if they can work with a small order to get started and build up. To find the right partner, it's best to contact multiple suppliers and manufacturers to compare MOQs, pricing, and other terms to find the best fit for your business. 

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