What is B Corp Certification?

A B Corp jewelry company refers to a jewelry business that has been certified as a B Corporation. B Corps, or Benefit Corporations, are companies that meet specific social and environmental performance standards while also considering the impact of their operations on workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

To become a certified B Corp, a company must go through a rigorous assessment conducted by B Lab, a non-profit organization. The assessment evaluates a company's overall impact on various stakeholders, including its employees, suppliers, customers, the environment, and the local community. The assessment covers areas such as:

  • governance
  • workers' rights
  • community involvement
  • environmental practices
  • transparency

In the context of a B Corp jewelry company, it means that the jewelry business operates with a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They may ensure fair labor practices in their supply chain, use sustainable materials and production methods, contribute positively to their local communities, and prioritize transparency in their business practices.

By obtaining B Corp certification, the jewelry company demonstrates its dedication to using business as a force for good, not only pursuing profits but also considering the well-being of people and the planet. This certification can help consumers identify and support companies that align with their values and ethical preferences when purchasing jewelry products.

If you are serious about B Corp certification, it will be important to find a jewelry manufacturer who has experience or has a commitment to sustainability. Together you and your sustainable jewelry manufacturer can work together to help you achieve your B Corp certification together. 

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