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About Loytee

When was Loytee founded?

Loytee Company Limited was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 1985. Today we remain a family-owned company.

Where is Loytee's factory?

We are based in Bang Na (east of Bangkok) and 30 minutes drive from Bangkok city center. View more information on our contact page.

What are Loytee's certifications and associations?

Our certifications and associations include:

  • Responsible Jewelry Council (in process)
  • SMETA, SEDEX (Certified)
  • Thai AEO Importer & Exporter Association (Member)
  • Federation of Thai Industries (Member)
  • Thai Silver Exporters Association (Member)
  • Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (Member)
  • Thai Champer of Commerce (Member)

What are Loytee's specialized techniques?

Techniques that we specialize in are stone inlay, high polished pieces, textured and hammered finishes and detailed sculptural shapes and organic forms. With over 150,000 molds and designs in our archive, our team can assist you in your design development by reviewing similar styles that we have already produced or to begin the new sampling process.


Contact our team at to request a catalog of our jewelry samples.

How many workers does Loytee have?

We are a full-service jewelry manufacturing company. We have a team of 200 full-time employees working in design, development, and production. Our workforce is majority female, at a ratio of 2:1 women to men.

Who are Loytee's main customers?

As a full-service jewelry manufacturing company, we work with a wide range of customers, from independent fashion designers to established, major retailers. Over nearly four decades we have produced for companies across 6 continents and over 40 countries.

Can Loytee support my company and region?

We have extensive experience working in compliance with EU guidelines, as well as companies working towards certifications such as B Corp certification and Responsible Jewelry certification. We ship our products worldwide every month.

Can I visit Loytee?

Our factory provides tours for fashion and jewelry professionals. Kindly note that tours and meetings are available by appointment only.


Contact our team at to learn more and setup an appointment.

Getting Started with Loytee

What base metals do you work with?

We specialize in producing in base metals: 925 sterling silver and brass. We currently do not produce in solid gold or stainless steel. Learn more about working with different base metals.


Contact our team at to request examples of our metalwork.

What plating options do you have?

We have a full in-house electroplating team that offers plating in 10 karat - 18 karat gold, rose gold, and rhodium finishes. We can customize to various textures and e-coat. Learn more about the difference between gold vermeil, gold plate, and gold pvd.


Contact our team at to request a full chart of plating finishes and options.

What process do you use in your production?

We use the lost wax process also known as cire perdue, an ancient method used for creating metal objects with intricate details. In some cases however, a wax or digital model of the jewelry piece is created using 3D printing. This model serves as a template for the final piece.

Can you sign an non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes. Please feel free to send us a copy of your NDA to sign before we begin discussing sampling and development.


You can email your files to our team at

What is the sample process like?

The jewelry sample process is a critical first step before production begins. It begins with a prototype or sample of a jewelry piece. Over the course of the sampling process, we work together to edit, evaluate, and finalize the design, materials, and craftsmanship of the jewelry item. View our services page to learn more about the sampling and production process.

Read more on tips on how to have a successful sample process.

What is your opening order amount?

Our opening order amount is $5,000 USD. In some cases, we can adjust the opening order amount in order to begin working together.

Contact our team at so that we can learn more about your company and projects.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our standard minimum order quantity (MOQ) for manufacturing jewelry can vary significantly depending on the type of jewelry, the manufacturing process, and the long-term goals of our customers. In some cases, we can adjust the quantity based on your specific needs.


Contact our team at to learn more about what MOQs you are looking to start with.

What is your production lead time?

Our production lead time is 4-6 weeks from when your order deposit is paid. Please note that the production lead time may be shorter or longer depending on the design details.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 30% deposit to begin production and full payment before we ship final goods. Please note that orders will not be shipped without payment in full.

What are your prices?

Our pricing depends on order volume, MOQs, and material prices at the time of production.


Contact our team at to request pricing on specific styles from our in-house collection or on custom items that you would like to produce.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide using our customers' preferred carriers including: DHL, UPS, Fedex.

Services & Catalog

What services do you provide?

We are a full-service jewelry manufacturer that works with our customers from the start of the sampling process all the way to completed production and everything in between. Learn more about our sampling and production process on our services page.


Contact our team at to share more about your company and projects so that we can propose how we can help you.

Can you help with design?

Yes. We work with a full range of jewelry customers and provide a full-service approach to our jewelry manufacturing process.


Contact our team at to share with us what help you are looking for.

Do you have a catalog I can review?

Yes. We have a in-house collection of designs and launch new designs each Spring and Fall. The benefits of the in-house collection is that no sampling or master molds need to be developed and approved, which can save you time.


Contact our team at to request to see our latest designs and in-house collections.

How do I access your online catalog?

Our full in-house collection is available to view only for selected customers with an approved login.


Contact our team at if you would like to request a login or need help getting logged into your account.


Is Loytee a sustainable jewelry manufacturer?

Sustainable jewelry refers to jewelry that is produced and sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, with the goal of minimizing its negative impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

Loytee is committed to continual improvement in how we conduct our business and our social and environmental impact as a jewelry company.

As a guideline, Loytee uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to benchmark and set goals for our sustainability projects.

We are also Smeta-certified by Sedex, (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Sedex is a nonprofit organization that operates a collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data. Read our blog post to learn more about Sedex certification.

Read more sustainable jewelry:


Contact our team at if you would like to learn more about our Code of Ethics and Environmental Policies.

Do you have policies in place regarding conflict-free stone and ethical sourcing of materials?

Yes. In our code of ethics, we include our policies on:

  • Conflict-Materials
  • Human Rights Protection
  • Child Labor
  • Forced Labor
  • Discrimination
  • Wages and benefits
  • Overtime
  • Health and safety

Do you use recycled precious metals?

Yes. When we begin the production process, we work with our customers to understand their company values and ethos. If working with recycled materials or specific certified materials is important, we will accommodate our production to your material and sourcing requests. Read more about working with recycled metals.

What is in your code of ethics?

Our code of ethics includes our vision, mission, and highlights our responsibilities to our stakeholders. It also includes our code of conduct for manufacturing and commitment to our employees, communities, and the environment.


Contact our team at if you would like to view a copy of our code of ethics.

What is in your social and environmental policy?

Our social and environmental policy includes our guideline for using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as highlights our certifications, partnerships, and other key policies.


Contact our team at if you would like to view a copy of our social and environmental policy.

Do you provide a living wage to all of your workers?

Yes. According to the Global Living Wage Coalition, the monthly living wage in the area where our factory is located was estimated in 2022 to be 14,202 Baht ($403 USD). Our lowest paid workers earn above this living wage.

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