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Loytee is a full service jewelry manufacturer with over 40 years experience in the industry. We work with a wide range of customers, from independent fashion designers to established, major retailers who all have a commitment to high-quality jewelry products that are made to last a lifetime.

The Sample Process

The jewelry sample approval process is a critical step in the jewelry manufacturing and design industry. It involves creating a prototype or sample of a jewelry piece before mass production begins. The purpose of this process is to evaluate and finalize the design, materials, and craftsmanship of the jewelry item.

Design Concept

The process begins with the creation of a design concept. Jewelry designers may sketch their ideas on paper or use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create digital designs.

Master Wax Mold

We use the lost wax process an ancient method used for creating metal objects with intricate details. In some cases however, a wax or digital model of the jewelry piece is created using 3D printing. This model serves as a template for the final piece.

Sample Creation & Approval

This process is crucial for designers, manufacturers, and retailers to evaluate the design, materials, and craftsmanship of a piece before committing to larger production order. Read our post on key tips to ensure a successful sample process.

The Production Process

The production process is a series of steps involved in creating jewelry items, from the approved sample design to the final finished product. The process may vary depending on the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the manufacturing techniques used.


The chosen metal is melted and poured into a mold, often made from plaster or investment, which contains the wax or digital model. As the metal cools and solidifies, it takes on the shape of the mold.

Sprue Removal & Tumbling

After casting, the jewelry piece is attached to the sprue, and this excess material needs to be removed. Tumbling removes small burrs, sharp edges, or imperfections on the surface of jewelry items to achieve a lustrous shine on jewelry pieces, enhancing their overall appearance.


Following tumbling, soldering, and the process of creating working parts such as hinges, clasps, and unique closures takes place.


After casting, the rough metal piece is removed from the mold and cleaned to remove any remaining investment material. It is then polished to achieve the desired finish and smoothness.

Stone Setting

If the jewelry design includes gemstones or diamonds, skilled artisans set these stones into the metal setting using various techniques such as prong setting, bezel setting, or channel setting.

Electroplating & E-Coating

The plating process in jewelry refers to the application of a layer of metal onto the surface of a jewelry item, typically made of sterling silver, base metal or alloy. This plating is done to enhance the appearance, durability, and sometimes even the functionality of the jewelry piece. Read our post on identifying the best gold finish option for you.

In-house Chain Making

We create handmade and machine made chains in-house. Our process begins with the selection of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and base metals like stainless steel or brass. The chosen metal is usually in the form of wire. The wire is then cut into individual links or loops. The shape and size of these links can vary widely, depending on the desired chain style. Common chain styles include cable chains, curb chains, Figaro chains, and more.

Quality Control

Quality control checks are conducted to ensure that the jewelry meets the desired standards for craftsmanship and aesthetics. Any necessary adjustments or repairs are made at this stage.

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