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What are Resources to Learn More About Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion encompasses sustainable practices, fair wages, humane working conditions, and environmentally-friendly materials and processes. If you're looking to delve deep into the subject, here are some top sources to research ethical fashion:


Websites and Blogs:

  • Fashion Revolution: An organization that promotes transparency in the fashion industry. Their website offers a lot of resources and campaigns such as the "Who Made My Clothes?" initiative.
  • The Good Trade: A digital media brand covering sustainable fashion and lifestyle.
  • EcoCult: A blog that covers all things sustainable, including fashion.
  • "The True Cost": A documentary exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet.
  • "RiverBlue": Uncovers how the fashion industry plays a role in river pollution.
Certifications and Standards:
  • Fair Trade: Focuses on ethical labor practices and provides certification for products and companies.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): A leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, ensuring ecological and social criteria.
  • Cradle to Cradle: A certification for products made with sustainable materials and methods.
  • B Corp Certification: A certification open to all business categories and types on social and environmental impact.
Online Platforms and Apps:
  • Good On You: An app and website that rates fashion brands based on their ethical and environmental practices.
  • DoneGood: An online platform recommending ethical and sustainable brands.
  • Common Objective: An online platform that connects fashion professionals around the globe with the shared goal of driving forward sustainability in the fashion industry. The platform seeks to provide tools, resources, and knowledge needed for businesses to integrate sustainability at every point in the fashion value chain.
Courses and Workshops:
  • Many universities and institutions now offer courses on sustainable fashion, ethical fashion design, and related fields. Institutions like the London College of Fashion have specific courses dedicated to sustainability.
Industry Reports:
  • Reports by organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation often provide deep insights into sustainable practices in the fashion industry.
Conferences and Trade Shows:
  • Events such as the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which is focused on sustainability in fashion, can provide a wealth of information and networking opportunities.

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