What are the major Jewelry Trade Associations in Thailand?

Thailand is major hub for the gem and jewelry trade, both for manufacturing and trading. There are several trade associations in Thailand that support the jewelry industry. Each can be a good source to find manufacturing partners and vendors to source materials from.

The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA): One of the most prominent associations, TGJTA plays an integral role in supporting and promoting Thailand's gem and jewelry exports. You can visit their Facebook with more information on events and the latest news.

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT): It's not precisely a trade association, but GIT is a public organization that offers gemological training, gem testing services, and research. They also provide vital information and support to traders and those interested in the Thai gem and jewelry industry. A link to their Facebook page provides the latest information and updates of the institute.

Thai Silver Exporters Association: This association represents Thai businesses involved in the export of gems and jewelry especially with sterling silver products. They work to enhance the competitiveness of Thai exporters in the global market.

The Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association (TDMA): As the name suggests, this association focuses on diamond manufacturing in Thailand, offering support and resources for those in the diamond industry.

If you're involved in the jewelry trade or looking to enter the Thai market, becoming a member or building relationships with these associations can be beneficial as they provide resources, market insights, and networking opportunities and work to promote and protect the interests of their members both domestically and internationally.

You can also review general trade associations in Thailand that work in other industries outside of the jewelry industry including the Thai AEO Importer and Exporter Association, Federation of Thai Industries, and the Thai Chamber of Commerce.


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