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What are the most in-demand chain styles by jewelers today?

Over the past few years, jewelry chains have become popularized in movies, tv, and on social media. Jewelry chains worn on their own or with charms or pendants and layered make the chain trend open to endless possibilities. Some of the most in-demand trend styles include:

  • Paperclip or Link Chains: Recognizable by their elongated links, paperclip chains had seen a significant resurgence in popularity.
  • Curb Chains: A classic style, curb chains are known for their interlocking, uniform links.
  • Rope Chains: This twisted chain design has been a staple in jewelry for decades and remains popular.
  • Figaro Chains: Originating in Italy, Figaro chains feature a pattern of alternating long and short links.
  • Herringbone Chains: These chains lie flat and give a sleek, smooth appearance.
  • Ball or Bead Chains: Composed of small balls linked at regular intervals, this style can be delicate or bold depending on the size of the beads.
  • Cuban Link Chains: Popular especially in men's jewelry, Cuban link chains are often chunky and make a bold statement.
  • Box Chains: Square links connect to form a smooth, continuous chain.
  • Snake Chains: With a tight, flexible arrangement of plates or bands, snake chains have a rounded, serpentine appearance.
  • Satellite Chains: Typically a delicate chain interspersed with small beads or pearls at intervals.


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