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8 Major Jewelry Trade Shows to Attend

In your search for a sustainable jewelry manufacturer, it might be productive to visit an in-person trade show to have the opportunity to meet face to face with several companies in one trip. Some of the biggest and most established trade shows showcasing jewelry manufacturers include:

  • JCK Las Vegas: JCK Las Vegas is one of the largest and most significant jewelry trade shows in the world. It features a wide range of exhibitors, including jewelry manufacturers, designers, and suppliers.
  • Hong Kong International Jewelry Show: Held in Hong Kong, this event is one of Asia's largest jewelry trade shows. It attracts a diverse array of international exhibitors, including many jewelry manufacturers from various countries.
  • Vicenza Oro: Vicenza Oro is an international jewelry trade show that takes place in Vicenza, Italy. It's known for featuring high-quality jewelry manufacturers and designers from Italy and around the world.
  • International Gem & Jewelry Show (InterGem): InterGem is a series of trade shows held in various cities across the United States. It's a great place to find jewelry manufacturers and suppliers from different regions.
  • Istanbul Jewelry Show: As Turkey's premier jewelry exhibition, this event showcases a variety of jewelry manufacturers and suppliers from Turkey and other parts of the world.
  • Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair: Held in Bangkok, Thailand, this show attracts a large number of jewelry manufacturers and suppliers from the Southeast Asian region.
  • International Jewellery London (IJL): IJL is a leading jewelry trade show in the UK, featuring both local and international jewelry manufacturers and designers.
  • JA New York: This trade show takes place in New York City and brings together a diverse range of jewelry manufacturers and suppliers from the United States and beyond.

Always check the official websites of these trade shows for the latest information on dates, locations, and exhibitors. Additionally, consider checking out industry-specific forums, websites, and social media groups where professionals in the jewelry industry may discuss the latest trade shows and events.

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