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A Guide to Crafting with Recycled Silver

Today you may find many jewelry brands communicating that they use recycled silver vs. mined silver for their jewelry pieces. Beyond just asking your jewelry partner if they use recycled silver or not, learn more about the process that goes behind using recycled silver. 

  • Request information: ask your manufacturer for detailed information about their sourcing of materials, specifically silver. Inquire about their procedures for obtaining recycled silver and their methods of verifying its authenticity. A manufacturer using recycled silver should be able to provide details about where they acquire their recycled materials.
  • Certificates or documentation: ask for certificates or documentation that confirm the recycled content of the silver they use. Reputable manufacturers should have records to substantiate their claims.
  • Recycled content percentage: inquire about the percentage of recycled content in the silver they use. Depending on your requirements, you can discuss the appropriate level of recycled content for your jewelry.
  • Assay reports: requesting an assay report is a document that provides a detailed analysis of the composition and purity of a precious metal, such as silver, gold, or platinum. Assay reports are generated through a specialized process called "assaying," which involves testing and analyzing a sample of the metal to determine its elemental composition and quality. These reports are commonly used in the precious metals industry to verify the authenticity and quality of materials. Please note that there are costs related to asking for assay reports as they involve outside parties. You can look for a  local assay offices by doing a quick Google search for "assay office" in your area.
  • Physical inspection: if possible, visit the manufacturer’s facilities to observe their processes and materials firsthand. While this might not provide definite proof, it can offer insights into their operations and standards.
  • Traceability and chain of custody: Ask about their practices for tracing the origin of the silver from recycling sources to their factory. A transparent chain of custody helps ensure the recycled nature of the material.
  • Third-party verification: Some manufacturers might undergo third-party audits or certifications to validate their use of recycled materials. Inquire about any such certifications they might hold.
  • References and testimonials: Reach out to the other clients or customers who have worked with the manufacturer. Ask about their experience and whether the manufacturer’s claims about using recycled silver were upheld.
  • Regular communication: Maintain open and regular communication with the manufacturer. This not only helps ensure the use of recycled silver but also builds trust and accountability.
  • Visit recycled silver suppliers: If the manufacturer sources recycled silver from specific suppliers, you could consider visiting these suppliers to learn more about their recycling processes and practices.

Being knowledgable about the source of silver in your jewelry is part of the process of knowing more about the jewelry you create and how to answer questions that may come up from your end customers. If you are interested to learn more about where the silver in jewelry comes from, read our article on silver.

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