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What is Fairmined Gold? Is it Right for Me?


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Fairmined Gold refers to gold sourced from certified artisanal and small-scale mines (ASM) that meet world-leading standards for responsible practices. Established by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), the Fairmined standard supports transparent ethical sourcing from miners who meet strict criteria for social development, environmental protection, and labor rights.

Here's a summary of Fairmined Gold:

Social Development and Organization: Mines are required to be formally organized, providing miners with a voice, safe conditions, and fair wages.

Environmental Protection: Fairmined certification ensures that environmental impact is minimized with responsible chemical management, reforestation efforts, and proper waste handling.

Labor Rights: Safe working conditions, legal working age, and fair wages are enforced. Child or forced labor is strictly prohibited.

Economic Development: A premium paid on Fairmined Gold supports community initiatives for social, economic, and environmental improvements.

Traceability: Fairmined Gold is traceable from the mine to the final product.

Regulated Chemical Use: Use of hazardous chemicals, like mercury and cyanide, is strictly controlled, with some mines aiming for total elimination.

Regular Monitoring: Mines undergo regular checks to maintain certification. 

To consider the question, is Fairmined Gold right for you as a jeweler? Consider the following:

Ethical Branding: Using Fairmined Gold can strengthen your brand's ethical stance, appealing to conscious consumers seeking responsibly sourced jewelry.

Traceability: You can confidently trace the gold's origin, ensuring ethical sourcing and building trust with consumers.

Premium Cost: Fairmined Gold typically comes at a premium due to the added costs of ensuring ethical practices. As a jeweler, you'll need to decide if you can absorb this cost or pass it onto consumers.

Market Differentiation: Differentiate yourself in a competitive market. By promoting ethical practices, you can attract a niche of conscious consumers and perhaps command higher prices.

Supply & Demand: While demand for responsibly sourced gold is growing, availability might be limited compared to conventionally mined gold. Establishing reliable suppliers is crucial.

Storytelling: Using Fairmined Gold allows you to share compelling stories about your jewelry, including the positive impact on mining communities.

Regulations & Certifications: You might need to follow specific guidelines and perhaps seek certifications to market and sell jewelry made from Fairmined Gold. Understand these requirements upfront.

If you're a jeweler who values ethical sourcing and is focused on a market that appreciates sustainable and responsible practices, Fairmined Gold could be a great fit. It's important to weigh the benefits against the costs and logistical considerations in working with Fairmined Gold as it requires more energy, coordination, and costs than using gold with non-Fairmined Gold standards. For more information on Fairmined Gold visit their website at:

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