Common Causes of Jewelry Allergies

Several metals and materials commonly used in jewelry-making can cause skin allergies in sensitive individuals. The most common jewelry-related skin allergies are often caused by:

Nickel Allergy: Nickel is one of the most prevalent causes of jewelry-related skin allergies. Many base metals, including some alloys used in costume jewelry or as plating, contain nickel. Contact with nickel can lead to allergic reactions, resulting in redness, itching, rash, or even blisters on the skin. 

Copper Allergy: While less common than nickel allergies, some individuals might be sensitive to copper. Copper is used in various jewelry alloys, including brass and bronze. Direct and prolonged contact with copper can cause skin irritation, redness, and discoloration.

While less common, some people might also be sensitive to other metals including precious metals used in jewelry, such as cobalt, chromium, silver, gold, and palladium. These allergies can cause similar reactions as nickel allergies, including itching, rash, and skin irritation.

Plating Allergies: Jewelry that is gold-plated or silver-plated can pose a risk if the plating wears off over time, exposing the base metal underneath. If the base metal contains allergenic metals like nickel, wearers might experience allergic reactions.

Earring Back Allergy: Earring backs, especially those made of base metals or alloys containing nickel, can cause allergies when they come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

Costume Jewelry: Costume jewelry often uses inexpensive base metals or alloys that might contain allergenic materials. These pieces can have a higher risk of causing skin allergies.

Watch Strap Allergies: Some watch straps are made from materials that can cause skin allergies, especially if the strap comes into close contact with the wrist.

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