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Finding the Best Silver Jewelers

Based on annual production volume and having a robust and developed history, the following places create some of the best, high-quality sterling silver jewelry making in the world:

  • Thailand: Thailand is a major player in the global jewelry and silverware industry. The country has a skilled workforce and a thriving silver manufacturing sector that caters to both domestic and international markets.
  • Italy: Italy has a long history of fine craftsmanship in jewelry and silversmithing. Italian artisans are renowned for their attention to detail and high-quality work, making Italy a significant hub for sterling silver production.
  • India: India has a rich tradition of metalwork and jewelry making, including sterling silver. Indian artisans are known for their intricate designs and cultural influences in their silver creations.
  • Mexico: Mexico is famous for its silver mines and has a strong heritage of silversmithing. Mexican sterling silver jewelry and tableware are highly regarded for their artistic flair and craftsmanship.
  • United States: While the United States does not have the historical legacy of some other countries, it still boasts a significant sterling silver manufacturing industry. Places like New York and Los Angeles are known for their silver workshops and jewelry designers.

It's important to visit the region in which you are interested in finding a production partner and see the factories and production houses with your own eyes. Working with a production partner takes time and it's meaningful to spend time early on visiting, doing research and asking a lot of questions. From there, you'll be able to factor in priorities specific to your company and find the best long-term partner.

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