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6 Pillars to Employee Benefits at Loytee

 At Loytee Company Limited, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our jewelry. We believe that our greatest assets are our employees, whose skill and dedication are the foundation of our success. Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory
Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

The Six Pillars of Employee Benefits at Loytee Company Limited: Crafting Success Through Care

At Loytee, the heart of our success lies in the dedication and skill of our employees. As a leading sustainable jewelry manufacturer in Thailand, we have built a supportive and empowering environment that enables our artisans to thrive. Having a strong company culture that cultivates long-term stability and support for our workers, helps us to attract and retain highly skilled workers dedicated to crafting handmade goods. These benefits foster a culture of loyalty and excellence, which is integral to our pursuit of creating high-quality handmade goods each day.

Real Examples of Sustainability and an Ethical Manufacturing Culture

We recognize that while everyone talks about sustainability and ethical manufacturing, it's hard to summarize real examples of what this means? In this blog post, we've highlighted six pillars of our employee benefits that contribute to our overall success with examples of how over our 40 year company history, they have benefited our employees:

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory


Skilled artisans in Thailand craft intricate jewelry with meticulous attention to detail
Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

1. Earning Beyond a Living Wage in Bangkok, Thailand

We are proud to offer our employees wages that exceed the living wage in Bangkok area, Thailand. According to the Global Living Wage Coalition, the 2023 living wage in Bangkok, Thailand was $403 USD per month. By providing all workers, including entry level workers, above the living wage, this ensures that our workers can afford a comfortable standard of living, providing for their families without financial strain.

By compensating our team fairly, we attract and retain skilled artisans who are motivated and committed to producing exceptional jewelry. This financial stability translates into a focused and dedicated workforce, essential for maintaining the high standards of our handmade products.

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

2. Sustainable Careers

At Loytee, we are in an industry that requires training and development in the artisanship of making handmade jewelry. Because of this, we believe in nurturing long-term careers and employ workers with a goal to reduce high worker turnover. Our employees have the opportunity to grow and develop their skills over decades, mastering the intricate art of handmade jewelry making. We invest in continuous training and professional development, ensuring that our artisans remain at the forefront of their craft. This sustainable career path not only benefits our workers but also ensures the consistent quality and innovation of our products, as experienced craftsmen bring unparalleled expertise to their work.

3. Employee-Led Credit Union

Financial empowerment is a cornerstone of our employee benefits. Our employee-led credit union offers our workers the chance to save, access low-interest loans, and invest in their future. This initiative promotes financial literacy and independence, enabling our employees to manage their finances confidently and securely. By providing these financial tools, we support our team’s long-term stability and success, which in turn reflects in their dedication and performance at work. Read an example from one of our employee's experience with how our employee-led credit union helped her save money for her family.

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

4. 90-Day Paid Maternity Leave

Supporting our employees during significant life events is crucial to their well-being and retention. We offer a generous 90-day paid maternity leave, which allows our workers to recover and bond with their newborns without financial worry. This policy has resulted in almost 100% of our employees returning to the workforce after giving birth. By supporting new mothers, we foster a family-friendly workplace that values and retains its skilled female artisans, contributing to our diverse and experienced team.

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

5. Education Scholarships for Workers' Children

We are committed to the future of our employees’ families. Each year, we provide education scholarships for the children of our workers, ensuring that they have access to quality education. All employees are eligible to apply for these scholarships, which ease the financial burden of schooling and open up opportunities for the next generation. This investment in education not only supports our workers but also strengthens our community and fosters loyalty within our workforce.

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory
Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory

6. Wellness Programs Promoting Health

The health and well-being of our employees are paramount. We offer comprehensive wellness programs that include activities such as sports and yoga, promoting physical and mental health. Regular health check-ups, fitness sessions, and wellness workshops are part of our initiative to encourage a healthy lifestyle. These programs help reduce stress, improve morale, and enhance overall productivity. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and we are committed to providing the resources needed to maintain our employees’ well-being. Read more about recent employee getaways outside Bangkok city center including Cha Am beach getaway and wellness trip to Khao Yai.

Loytee Sustainable Jewelry Factory


The six pillars of our employee benefits at Loytee Company Limited are designed to support, empower, and nurture our workforce. By ensuring financial stability, offering growth opportunities, providing health and wellness programs, and supporting our employees’ families, we create a positive and productive work environment. These benefits are integral to our high-quality success in making handmade jewelry, as they foster a dedicated and skilled team that takes pride in their craft. At Loytee, we are not just a company; we are a community committed to excellence, sustainability, and the well-being of our people.

- Suzanne (Loytee 2nd generation owner)

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6 Pillars to Employee Benefits at Loytee

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